4” Gold Plated Cloisonné and Crystal Glass Earrings- Multiple Styles


Multiple Style 4” Long Gold Plated Cloisonné and Crystal Glass Drop Earrings. Earring hooks feature a Star cutout. 


Choose the Style:


Red Oval Flower

10mm Puffed Black with Pink Flower

10mm Puffed Gold with Pink Flower

Large Puffed Dark Blue with Pink Flower Heart

Large Puffed Green with Pink Flower Heart

Small Aqua Blue Butterfly

Small Gold Butterfly

Black Flower Cross

White Flower Fan

16mm Round Puffed Orange with Blue Flower

16mm Round Puffed Green with Pink Flower 

6mm and 8mm Round Gold with Pink Flower

Small Turquoise Pink Flower Heart

10mm Round Puffed Light Blue Butterfly

Oblong Puffed Beige with Pink Flower

Small 8mm Round Black with Sapphire Blue Diamond Pattern

Small 10mm Puffed Round Turquoise Blue with Pink Flower

Small 10mm Puffed Orange with Pink Flower

12mm Green with Pink Flower

12mm Sapphire Blue with Pink Flower